Episode 5: The Overdue Episode

Occasional Book Club Episode 5

This week’s podcast “The Overdue Episode”, the podcast masters- the podmasters- the mastcasters- discuss one mastcaster’s nervous breakdown (and book), pit legal dramas against each other despite a mastcaster’s discomfort at the concept, boast aggrandisingly about the books they’re reading, and pick up one mastcaster’s whining baby

The mastercasters discuss a wide number of topics in their new podcast format (no format necessary) that delves into TV legal drama formulae (Suits vs The Good Wife), the classic Naguib Mahfouz trilogy on life in Egypt during British rule, Barracuda by Christos Tsiolka, and other topics you’re sure to enjoy.

A quick Shout Out to Susan Carland who’s launching her book Fighting Hislam and Richard Gere aka the silver fox.

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Episode 4: The Late Episode

Occasional Book Club podcast episode 4 the late episode

After a lull of a few weeks (mostly due to Rob having a baby) the Occassional Podcast team is back, with lots of exciting titles and topics to discuss and share with our dear fan/s and follower/s.

Rob shares her attempt to read Steven Hawking’s “A Brief History Of Time” (demoralizing). While Kray expounds on two books she read, Philip Zimbardo‘s “The Time Paradox” and Mitch Albom‘s “The Time Keeper“.

In Other Matters they discuss Gilmore Girls [WARNING: #SPOILERS] and nothing else. 

Finally, a massive shout out, and a happy birthday to our beloved friend Shahd!


Episode 3: The Best Episode

(This intro was written by Kat the Reluctant Producer)

The third episode of the Occasional Book Club podcast sees Rob and Kray get their proverbial ish together and actually present a structured podcast with a theme, a start, an end and chapters etc.

The books we discuss this episode are The Settler’s Cook Book, and Mastering the art of soviet cooking.

Rob and Kray also read letters from their “fans”

Finally look out for our twitter handle! @occasionalbooks

Episode 2: The Worst Episode



Welcome to the second episode of our podcast, which we’re alarmed to announce is much, much worse than the first! In this episode we drive a car, discuss Gilmore Girls, fundamentally misunderstand roundabouts, discuss identity politics, cultural appropriation and ballerinas, come to appreciate the need for a podcast format and predetermined topics, and Rob insults all our friends!

There are no books.

Stay at tuned for the next one, which surely can’t be worse!


Episode 1: The Pilot Episode

Greetings fans, foes and frenemies!

Here is our FIRST PODCAST, created while Kray was packing and Rob was lying down and watching, like a large talking seal.

Books Featured:

A Map for Lost Lovers by Nadeem Aslam

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets/ and the Deathly Hollows by The Queen J K Rowling

Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Join us next week, when we do an actual introduction to and launch of our podcast, which should have been done this week, but wasn’t!

Thanks to our producer Kat for trying to make the quality worthy of your discerning ears.