Episode 3: The Best Episode

(This intro was written by Kat the Reluctant Producer)

The third episode of the Occasional Book Club podcast sees Rob and Kray get their proverbial ish together and actually present a structured podcast with a theme, a start, an end and chapters etc.

The books we discuss this episode are The Settler’s Cook Book, and Mastering the art of soviet cooking.

Rob and Kray also read letters from their “fans”

Finally look out for our twitter handle! @occasionalbooks


Episode 2: The Worst Episode



Welcome to the second episode of our podcast, which we’re alarmed to announce is much, much worse than the first! In this episode we drive a car, discuss Gilmore Girls, fundamentally misunderstand roundabouts, discuss identity politics, cultural appropriation and ballerinas, come to appreciate the need for a podcast format and predetermined topics, and Rob insults all our friends!

There are no books.

Stay at tuned for the next one, which surely can’t be worse!